We have been hearing for some time that a dental unit is a kind of commodity. A useful piece of dental equipment, yet poor in technology, in which it is not worth investing a lot of money. The cheaper the better, so they say. If the unit ends up having problems, you can always call technical support, as you would have to call it anyway. In psychology, these forms of conditioning of one’s perception are defined as a cognitive bias. What does it mean exactly? It means that a bias, based on a misinterpretation of information, ends up looking like an objective fact. In other words, it becomes more real than the actual truth. Somehow this is what happens with fake news: false news appears true, deceiving an impressive number of people.

Here is what a dental unit really is

The truth is, in fact, quite different. What a dental unit truly represents for a dental practice is well known to any dentist who knows how to hold a scaler. A dental unit is the heart, at the centre of a dental practice: its ergonomics, its functionality, its efficiency can make the difference between a dentist who works to the best of his ability and a dentist who is stressed out due to the non-optimal conditions in which he works. A nurse dealing with equipment that creates problems can become a distracted nurse. And a patient who is unable to relax because the chair is uncomfortable, is less collaborative.

The importance of profitability for a dental practice

Another great truth that we never tire of reminding our customers is that the profitability of a dental practice depends on how well a dental unit works. No dentist wants to change a unit if he feels at ease with it and never has problems. Therefore, when we say that our mission is to develop long-lasting projects, we are not speaking only of our equipment. Rather, we are speaking of our familiarity with the environment in which dentists work and of our almost obsessive attention to everything that can contribute to improving their activity.

Operational efficiency above all

Our philosophy is to put the efficiency of a dental practice at the heart of everything, producing units that always work and thus avoiding the nightmare of a machine down-time whilst waiting for support to come to the dentist’s rescue. Some people say that VITALI units never break. Some have even compared them to the animal sacred to the Italian Alpine Troops. We prefer to mention that dentist who, after thirty years of working with a VITALI unit, asked us if we could come and inspect it.

Each VITALI dental unit is thoroughly tested

For those who have VITALI equipment, support is not a need, rather a good, minimal and light precaution, to be scheduled once a year. Actual calls for support cannot be ruled out completely but are occasional in percentage terms. Why? It’s very simple: every unit is always mounted before being shipped since we test it, in all its functions and movements, for something like 7 to 8 hours. This means that the unit that will then be assembled at the dental practice will never reserve any unpleasant surprises to technicians.

Artisan passion and industrial reliability

We come from an artisan culture in which the mission of one’s work has always been to make things better. For a craftsman, a product that does not work, breaks down or does not last is not an option. It would be a sort of offence to his expertise, his experience, his quality as a manufacturer. At the same time, we also offer the reliability and organisation of an industrial structure, which allows us to operate with all the guarantees and safety standards necessary to produce reliable and high-quality medical-surgical devices.