riunito T5 EVO PLUS 4.0


The high-performance functional dental unit

riunito T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 - Ottime performance e massima praticità

High-performance and utmost convenience

T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 is the top-class dental unit with a decidedly important structure, suitable for any dental operation. With T5 EVO PLUS you can have top-level functionality and utmost convenience: it is the perfect unit for dentists seeking a solid and high-performance yet also easy to manage dental unit. Created as an evolution of a previous model, already appreciated for its good performance and absolute reliability, T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 is the VITALI unit that represents the “perfect balance”. In fact, if what you are looking for is a high-profile dental unit with an innovative design, available in several configurations and very practical and easy to manage, then T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 is an unparalleled solution.

Extreme versatility

The importance of T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 can also and above all be seen in its high versatility. Three different options are available: with balanced arms, hanging tubes, with cart. This opportunity underlines the advantage of working with a dental unit that faithfully mirrors your operating style.
Different configurations but all characterised by the undisputed quality of VITALI, made of meticulous attention to detail, rigorous choice of noble materials, highly specialised and completely made in Italy manufacturing


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riunito T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 - comandi a portata di mano

Controls within easy reach

Once you have chosen the functional convenience of T5 EVO PLUS 4.0, you will never go back. The controls are concentrated in a single analogue keyboard, conveniently located on the side of the instrument table. The keyboard allows you to set and visualise all the working parameters of the instrumentation, maintaining full control of all service functions.
Just like for any other VITALI unit, the high quality of T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 is demonstrated not only by its functionality and performance, but also by the small number of maintenance and assistance interventions required over time.

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Newly designed cuspidor

T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 proposes a very modern and attractive design. Its most distinguishing element is its newly designed cuspidor: a compact and easy to manoeuvre monobloc, designed to ensure the convenient installation of the various optional devices, such as amalgam separators, while maintaining a slender and elegant profile.

The advantages of the new design

The innovative design gives T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 three substantial advantages:


Evolved and functional aesthetics, consistent with the latest trends in ergonomic design


A newly designed spittoon, which facilitates the patient during rinsing


A new side carter opening system that makes daily and weekly maintenance operations extremely easy

riunito T5 EVO PLUS 4.0

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It can be configured as you like

Just like all VITALI units, T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 is prepared to be as you want it. You can choose its configuration, you must be satisfied with working on an efficient dental unit that will never cause you any problems.
We use LED operating lamps for lighting, with a cold white light that is suitable for all treatments. They are glare-free, silent, low-consumption, long-life, low-maintenance lamps. All three lamps are operated both from the keyboard on the dentist’s side and from the foot control. The electronic foot control, also available in the wireless version, controls the operation of the instruments and chair. With the instruments at rest, you can manage various controls that are also present on the keyboard

Comfort first

The adaptability of the chair to each patient’s body makes the most of the anatomical headrest proposed in two versions: one with mechanical/pneumatic operation articulated on two axes, the other with pneumatic operation articulated on three axes. On request you can have memory foam self-modelling chair padding and folding right-hand armrest.
There are two options for the nurse’s console: with general control keyboard or with cuspidor controls only, both available also on an articulated pantograph arm.

Benefits shared by all VITALI dental units

  • Dental units designed to last a lifetime
  • The result of the direct exchange of ideas with dentists and service technicians
  • Careful attention to every detail to ensure total hygiene in the working environment
  • Excellent working comfort for the dentist and nurse in the various operating positions
  • Utmost comfort for the patient thanks to the anatomical shape of the VITALI chair

  • Minimum incidence of service costs and thus low operating costs
  • Customisable configuration to adapt the dental unit to your operating needs

General features of VITALI dental units

  • Possibility to set the operating parameters of instruments, lamp, chair and cuspidor
  • Chair with three memory programmes and last position
  • Size of the backrest and reduced chair base to ensure utmost ergonomics for the dentist and nurse
  • Special treatment applied to ABS carters that protects the dental unit from any colour changes over time.
  • Smooth surfaces and no visible screws and external casings to facilitate sanitisation of all parts of the dental unit
  • Maximum liftable weight: 180 kg
  • Standard anti-tilt device that ensures utmost stability of the dental unit and makes floor anchoring unnecessary
  • Five anti-crushing safety devices
  • Electronic pedal for instruments, chair and lamp controls and recall of saved positions and functions

riunito T5 giallo
riunito odontoiatrico T5 arancione
riunito T5 rosso
riunito T5
riunito odontoiatrico T5
riunito T5
riunito odontoiatrico T5
riunito odontoiatrico T5
riunito T5
riunito odontoiatrico T5 verde
riunito odontoiatrico T5 verde
riunito odontoiatrico T5
riunito odontoiatrico T5 azzurro
riunito T5
riunito T5

A colour to suit everyone’s taste

A very wide range of colours to customize your unit.

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