Dental lights

We use LED operating lamps from Faro (IT), with a cold white light that is suitable for all treatments. They are glare-free, silent, low-consumption, long-life, low-maintenance lamps. Faro has created exclusively for VITALI a software that works in combination with the dental unit software to adjust brightness and orientation directly from the keyboard. One of its advantages is that the lamp is immediately ready for use, even after being switched off, as the dental unit software stores data from the last light setting.


MAIA is the ideal solution for those looking for a high-performance LED lamp at a competitive price. Thanks to the Faro exclusive optical design with reflected light, through the 258 small reflective facets of each of the two parabolas, direct vision of the two LEDs is avoided, creating an absolutely uniform 175 x 100 mm illuminated field. The accurate definition of the light spot eliminates the risk of glare, protecting patients’ eyes. Illumination ranges from 3000 to 35,000 LUX. Removable and autoclavable handles.

Lampada MAIA


EVA is a lamp that can be adapted to any lighting condition, since the continuous adjustment of its light intensity allows you to choose the best level depending on the different ambient lighting conditions.The Faro exclusive optical design with reflected light ensures that EVA has an absolutely uniform and well-defined light spot, avoiding the risk of glare to the patient’s detriment. The special articulation of EVA ensures the best positioning of the light beam. Illumination ranges from 3000 to 50,000 LUX. The suitable lamp to work on composites and for surgical treatments.



EVA THEIATECH is the lamp equipped with the innovative LED lighting system that improves the visibility of the preoperative area, balancing the lighting of dental practice areas and reducing the dentist’s visual fatigue.

The illumination of the operating area ranges from 15,000 to 50,000 LUX, while the surrounding areas (preoperative area and circulation area) have much dimmer lighting (500 LUX).Switching between different levels of light forces the dentist to focus continuously, causing the iris to contract and dilate repeatedly. Such overload of the visual system is harmful to the dentist’s eyes and can compromise the success of the latter’s work. EVA THEIATECH has been studied and designed by Faro to create a luminous transition zone in the instrumentation area, allowing the doctor to perform precision interventions, to turn his gaze to the preoperative area and interact with staff in utmost comfort.


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