Our strengths

Dental units that last a lifetime, high quality at a sustainable price, customer support and continuous improvement: these are the main reasons for choosing us.

Dental units that last a lifetime

We have been making dental units for over 70 years and our mission has always been to develop long-lasting projects. At the heart of each dental unit is the selection of noble materials, carefully-chosen components, innovative solutions and meticulous testing. Above all, there is design based on experience. All of this makes a big difference. It is rather standard for us to see a dentist buy a VITALI unit again after using a VITALI unit for 25 years. And quite often we are asked for spare parts on models that have been out of production for a long time … Even then, we still manage to satisfy our customers.

High quality at a sustainable price

We have always supported the philosophy of the right price related to the product life cycle. With a purchase value in line with many other products on the market, the high quality of our dental units translates into two key advantages: the long-lasting life of our dental units and the extremely rare incidence of repairs and downtime. Just like for a really profitable investment, the sustainability of the price of a VITALI unit increases over time since its running cost is almost always limited to ordinary maintenance only.

Always close to our customers

You are never just a number when you choose a VITALI unit! This is the great advantage of being a people-oriented company. We are an organised and efficient industry, but when it comes to managing our internal and external relations, people count more than anything else. We are very close to our distributors and always provide considerable advice and support since we view dental units as a made-to-measure dress. And this means listening, discussing, searching for customised solutions. All our customers are familiar with our availability both before, during and after each product sale.

Continuous improvement

For those who, like us, design dental units with the dentist, nurse, patient and maintenance technician in mind, the quest for perfection is a never-ending process.

Our guide, our compass, is our experience in the field.Namely, in the dental practice. That’s where our ideas, our solutions, our innovations come from, along with everything that we believe we can perfect to make ergonomics, comfort, efficiency, maintenance, safety better. Obviously without neglecting hygiene and attention to every detail.