Ergonomics of dental chairs for the wellbeing of the dentist and of the patient

The aim of dental chair ergonomics is to strike a balance between treatment efficiency and accuracy, correct and healthy posture of the dentist and nurse and patient comfort.This balance is essentially intended to avoid a treatment becoming the cause of musculoskeletal disorders and pathologies.

Ergonomics of dental chairs: definition and importance

Dentists and nurses spend significant amounts of time in working sessions during which it is common for them to assume positions that are not correct for their physical well-being. Muscle tensions, unnatural torsions, excessive loads: we are all too familiar with these consequences. Of a different origin, though equally important for work quality, is the stress felt by the patient lying in the chair. If he is uncomfortable, if he does not feel at ease, he becomes more impatient and less cooperative, making the work of the dental team difficult. For this reason, solid construction and quality must be accompanied by ergonomics of the dental chair, so as to ensure utmost comfort of the dentist and the patient during each professional treatment.

Designing dental chairs starting from their ergonomics

The idea of practicality fully corresponds to VITALI‘s design philosophy geared towards ensuring maximum dental chair ergonomics, taking the shape of the following solutions: easy positioning of the instrument table thanks to three articulation points, easy repositioning of the instruments without having to move one’s eyes from the operating field (in the arm version), easy grip of the instruments thanks to the block that avoids traction and wrist fatigue, easy positioning of the lamp for better illumination of the operating field. The practicality that inspires the design of our dental chairs is one of the reasons why many dentists repurchase them. Along with reliability and operational efficiency, ergonomics of dental chairs is one of the distinguishing features that we are recognised for by customers and operators.

Freedom of movement of the dentist and nurse

For us at VITALI it is essential to design innovative solutions that improve the ergonomics of the dental chair in the operating environment in which the dentist and the nurse work. To implement these continuous ergonomic improvements, we always start with the idea of freedom. In fact, if you take a close look at our dental chairs, you will notice that the way they are designed allows the dentist to get as close as possible to the patient. This is thanks to the size and shape of the dental chair backrest and its short base that leaves ample legroom, thanks to the absence of cables and tubes in the way (especially in the versions with wi-fi foot control) and thanks to the rotation of the cuspidor (in models T5 MASTER and T5 EVO PLUS 4.0) which facilitates four-handed operations. In essence, we design dental chairs that promote maximum freedom of movement for the dentist and nurse.

Memory foam chair for the patient’s ideal posture

In the ergonomics of the dental chair, one crucial aspect is the position of the patient, whose well-being is functional to the efficiency of the treatment carried out by the professional team. Our self-modelling memory foam chair contributes to the ergonomics of the VITALI dental unit, so that patients can feel more comfortable and relaxed, which is a considerable advantage also for the dentist and the nurse, especially in case of prolonged treatments.

An interesting optional accessory for dental chairs is the folding right-hand armrest, which improves patient comfort during long treatments.

Another practical accessory is the booster cushion, which is very useful for younger patients.

3D adjustable headrest for utmost visibility of the oral cavity

To improve dental chair ergonomics, VITALI offers a valid alternative to standard headrests, namely an adjustable headrest articulated on 3 axes. This innovative and decidedly more ergonomic version, equipped with a single unlocking button, allows the patient to keep the same head position even during longer treatments, thus ensuring the dentist’s utmost visibility of the oral cavity. The 3D adjustable headrest thus provides a twofold advantage in favour of dental chair ergonomics: the dentist does not need to assume awkward positions to obtain the best view, while the patient can keep his head still in the most functional position for treatment, without straining his neck.

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