Ergonomics and comfort

The quality and construction solidity of VITALI dental units is combined with utmost comfort for both the dentist and the patient. The backrest of the dental chair is shaped in such a way as to allow the dentist to comfortably approach the patient, while the headrest joint ensures the perfect positioning of the head for a direct view of the operating field.

Anatomical headrest

The anatomical headrest comes in 2 versions. The first features a mechanical/pneumatic operation, with an unblocking handle for forward/backward movements and a pneumatic button for upward/downward adjustments. The second features a fully pneumatic operation articulated on 3 axes, with a single unblocking button for forward/backward, right/left, upward/downward movements.

bracciolo destro

Memory foam self-modelling upholstery, folding right-hand armrest and baby chair

The memory foam self-modelling upholstery, available on request, makes the patient’s position more comfortable and relaxing, especially in case of long treatments.

This can be combined with the optional folding right-hand armrest and, for children, the practical baby chair.

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