A dental unit, for us at VITALI, is like a tailor-made dress. Compared to the catalogues of many other dental unit manufacturers, our product range is deliberately concise as we have chosen to diversify our products by working above all on the configuration of each model.

This means, for example, that each VITALI unit can be configured to be used comfortably by a left-handed professional.

One in ten dentists is left-handed

Left-handedness is far from being a marginal issue. Until a few decades ago, people believed that using the left hand instead of the right was an anomaly to be corrected. This was done in a coercive, and often harmful, manner from early childhood onwards.

Quite luckily, science has discovered that left-handedness has a genetic basis and that the percentage of left-handed people in the population has always been around 10%. No small minority!

And it has also been discovered, by studying the oldest traces of prehistoric painting, that this percentage was the same in the Palaeolithic human population. It is commonly thought that left-handed people often have difficulty using tools and equipment designed for right-handed people.

This is only partly true, because left-handed people adapt easily, sometimes gaining competitive advantages, as in the case of sports. Having said that, all left-handed people should nonetheless have the opportunity to have the same working conditions as right-handed people.

Possible configurations for left-handed dentists

This brings us to the solutions that we offer left-handed dentists to ensure that their working positions are ergonomic and functional. As said above, each VITALI dental unit can be configured in the left-handed version, i.e. with the cuspidor and nurse’s table on the left side (looking at the machine from the front) and the dentist’s table on the right side.

This solution is fully functional for left-handed dentists. If, however, more than one left-handed or right-handed dentist is working on the same unit, then we propose the V8 TOUCH NL (https://www.vitali.com/en/dental-units/v8-touch-nl/) solution which, thanks to its versatility, adapts quickly to both working positions.

The great advantages of the most versatile solution

You may wonder how such versatility is possible. Let’s say that it is the result of a design that is very attentive to practicality of use. The main innovation of V8 TOUCH NL is the dentist’s table support arm, anchored to the lamp holder rod, which allows easy and complete rotation from right to left.

This easy manoeuvrability means that the dentist’s table can be moved quickly to the most comfortable position for left-handed operators and those who prefer to work in the 12 o’clock position.

A further advantage of this manoeuvrability is that it means that the entire left-hand side of the dental unit (always looking at the unit from the front) can be cleared quickly, thus facilitating both patient entry and exit and the nurse’s table sanitisation and preparation for the next patient.

Our ability to meet the needs of left-handed dentists is certainly confirmation of what is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy: customer proximity. You’re never just a number when you choose a VITALI dental unit ! Indeed, we are certainly an organised and efficient industry, but the ‘person’ factor counts more than anything else in the management of our internal and external relations. This means listening, discussing and finding customised solutions. All our customers are familiar with our willingness to help, before, during and after the sale.