Our history

Tradition for us means imagining the future whilst remaining true to the principles of seriousness, fairness and transparency that have always inspired our predecessors.


Lino Vitali started his business which initially consisted in providing technical assistance to the entire Dental Clinic of the University of Bologna and to some private dental practices.


After such technical assistance, production also began. In 1963 SUPRA, a high-speed dentist’s drill on wheels, which was one of the first products of VITALI, was produced. At the time, high-speed dentist’s drills on wheels were equipped with independent water and air supply. Therefore, they were a useful addition to the dental practice. The SUPRA dentist’s drill was equipped with forced lubrication handpieces called “painless drills”.

Lino Vitali


UNICUM was the turning-point in VITALI production. Associated with the PSE oil-hydraulic chair, it was the first VITALI column-mounted dental unit featuring original technical options: retractable instruments, door with integrated X-ray viewer, anti-crushing safety system under the instrument table, compressor and surgical aspirator housed inside the column.


The company changed its name and became VITALI COSTRUZIONI APPARECCHI ELETTRODENTALI. Its headquarters also changed, moving to the new plant in Via Buozzi 6, in Castel Maggiore (BO).

Vitali - Museo del Riunito


The SIMA column-mounted dental unit represented a further turning point: for the first time the cuspidor was connected to the PSE chair, combining them in all upward and downward movements. The cuspidor included the surgical aspirator, while the compressor was housed in the column. With the entry into production of the SIMA line, the headrest and backrest of the PSE chair were redesigned.


When he was only 23 years old, Marco Vitali took the company over from his father, who died prematurely. This was an especially important challenge for him, which he would successfully win in the following years. The company changed its name and became VITALI snc.

Vitali - Museo del Riunito


ALBA, HALLEY and QUADRIUS models were the first industrial production by VITALI. The company, whilst maintaining the traditional qualities that had characterised it since its foundation, expanded throughout the country and in many other countries.


The headquarters in Castel Maggiore (BO) were enlarged to accommodate production that was growing more and more every year.

Riunito Alba


The range was renewed with the new FLARES electromechanical chair combined with the ARTEX dental unit.


The SD line went into production, available with 4 and 6 instruments (SD 4 and SD 6).

riunito odontoiatrico artex


The new ARTEX EURO was launched; it was proposed in three versions: basic, RE and RM.


The new T5 model was launched, offering a 5-instrument table for the first time.



V8 was launched, available in two versions, chair mounted or column mounted, which was at the top of the VITALI range in terms of performance, versatility, ergonomics, comfort and ease of use.


The company relocated to its current headquarters in San Marino di Bentivoglio (BO), along the motorway connecting Bologna with Padua and the North-East. The production area and offices extend over an area of 3,500 sqm, the total area is 6,000 sqm.

interno stabilimento Vitali


With the launch of the new V8 TOUCH, the product range was completely renewed, including important technological, structural and design innovations. T5 EVO PLUS was launched, followed shortly after by T5 MASTER.


The new T5 EVO PLUS 4.0 and T5 MASTER 4.0 versions were launched, with a renewed cuspidor.

riunito odontoiatrico T5-master