Dental instruments



All our dental units can be equipped with Bien Air (CH) and NSK (JP) electric micromotors: high-quality products with absolute precision and reliability, available in the classic version, with halogen or LED lighting, and in the next-generation induction version, with LED lighting. The classic version ensures excellent versatility, remarkable performance, good reliability and durability. The induction version offers unparalleled performance, both at high and low speeds, greater power and torque, very precise control, adjustable speed from 100 to 40,000 rpm, compactness and lightness, maximum hygiene thanks to high resistance to autoclave sterilization, simple and economical maintenance.


For scalers we only offer quality ultrasound: EMS (CH), Satelec (FR), NSK (JP), Mectron (IT), TKD (IT). They all have excellent speed and oscillation levels, they are lightweight and well balanced to reduce hand fatigue and are made with robust, thermodisinfectable and sterilizable materials. They are also available with integrated long-life LEDs for improved diagnosis and operation. Perfectly controlled vibrations and high-quality tips mean that more conservative dental treatments can be performed and with greater effectiveness and comfort for the patient. The wide range of optional tips ensures greater versatility, so as to support professionals and patients in prophylaxis, periodontics, implant care, endodontics, conservative and restorative treatments. The maximum power of the scaler can be set on all dental units.



For syringes we use only products made by Luzzani (IT). All our models (Minimate, Minilight and Minibright with LED) are available straight and elbow, and have an essential, light and sinuous design, ensuring utmost ergonomics. The tip and sleeve of syringes are removable and sterilizable.

Polymerization lamps

The LED polymerization lamps we provide are Mectron (IT) and Satelec (FR) and include only products with high-performance technology, which are exceptionally lightweight and have different operating modes. The glass fibre optic terminal is autoclavable. Energy concentration is customizable. The polymerization of the products that are activated with light is crucial for long-lasting results: choosing the right lamp, with the right intensity and the appropriate exposure time, avoids breakages, infiltration, post-operative sensitivity.

lampade polimerizzanti

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