Our company today

Our headquarters are in San Marino di Bentivoglio, just outside Bologna. This is where we assemble all our dentals units, which we manufacture using components made exclusively in Italy.

In the historical district of dental units

We are based in a historic industrial district with a remarkable specialisation in the field of medical equipment. This means that we can rely on a product culture that combines specific technical skills, high-profile professionalism and a specialized industrial craftsmanship tradition.

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Eco-sustainable location with high liveability

Since January 2009, our headquarters have been at San Marino di Bentivoglio, near Bologna. Our 3500 sqm plant is built according to eco-sustainability criteria and has been designed to guarantee the maximum environmental quality of the workplace (brightness, temperature, noise, etc.). For us, Research & Development is a function that we apply to all our spheres of business: from process optimisation to improvements in the supply chains, from product design to the search for solutions to protect the well-being of operators.

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High-quality and exclusively made in Italy supplies

The quality of our products is the final result of a supply chain that includes the selection of noble raw materials, strict controls on supplies and our close collaboration with carefully selected suppliers. The exclusive use of components produced in Italy is part of our reliability-oriented philosophy.

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100% tested dental units

Before being shipped, the fully assembled dental unit undergoes a long and careful testing process.

All its functions and movements are repeatedly tested and verified using sophisticated electronic equipment. This type of testing is an exclusive prerogative of VITALI dental units, which allows us to guarantee our equipment against any manufacturing defect, also excluding any inconvenience during installation in the dental practice.

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Spare parts available even after 20 years

The satisfaction expressed by dentists using VITALI dental units becomes stronger and stronger over the years, also thanks to the availability and professionalism with which we manage our after-sales service, alongside and supporting our distributors’ assistance service. Something we are particularly proud of is the efficiency and size of our spare parts warehouse, which guarantees supplies throughout the life of the dental unit.

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