Dental Tribune interviews Marco Vitali about the distinguishing features of VITALI units: more than 60 years of experience, craftsmanship standards in each production stage and use of components exclusively made in Italy and in Europe.

What does it mean today to choose a “unit entirely made in Italy”?

The dental industry is currently undergoing a major transformation. Increasing attention is being paid to the business management of dental practices and continuous technological innovation. To what extent do you follow these trends?
I am pleased to start the conversation with this question. In order to estimate the real cost of a durable product, you have to calculate all the expenditure items relating to its life cycle. This applies also to the dental unit: its evaluation should not be limited to its purchase price, but should include its maintenance and management costs. The reliability of VITALI units and the low incidence of assistance required significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, increasing the profitability of the dental practice. With regard to innovation, we completely revamped our product range in 2014. Innovation takes many shapes for us, such as ergonomics, aesthetics, versatility, comfort and technology. Our V8 TOUCH is in line with the most advanced products on the market.
Could it be said that the defining feature of VITALI units is high quality?
More precisely, I would say that our defining aspect is reliability. Our products are intended for anyone who attaches value to quality over time. In other words, they are designed and manufactured for those who realise that buying a well-made dental unit pays off in the long run. The demand for low-cost units implies an inevitable consequence: sacrificing some of the quality and service in order to offer a lower price. As an alternative to this trend, we have always supported the philosophy of the right price. In fact, the adoption of multiple solutions across the entire product range has allowed the company to optimise production costs and, consequently, sales prices.
What is the importance of manufacturing a reliable product?
Reliability is not an abstract principle; rather, it is an objective made of tangible elements and rigorous corporate processes. For VITALI, reliability means high-quality materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel and bronze; exclusively Italian and European components, working standards of absolute precision and certified procedures, strict control of materials and suppliers, as well as in-house production, and final testing of units.
Is “made in Italy” thus a distinguishing feature?
Yes, of course. And the market is finally beginning to acknowledge this. VITALI produces its units entirely in Italy, in the area of Bologna, in a district that is highly specialised in the field of medical equipment. This means being able to count on a product culture that values the technical skills necessary to achieve excellence in product development, high-profile professionalism and the involvement of people who know what craftsmanship standards are all about.
Is attending to details a priority for your company?
Certainly. One of the strengths of VITALI is the possibility of customising unit configuration according to the needs of the dental practice. Another strong point of ours is tradition: the company has been manufacturing dental units for over 60 years.
Sixty years is rather impressive. How important is tradition nowadays?
The theme of tradition is now becoming topical again, suffice it to think about how often we talk about “story telling”.
For me, tradition means first of all advancing the company founded by my father. When a company is able to envision its future while remaining true to its principles and thus its roots, that company has a great heritage.
We are a small company, but behind us we have over 60 years of Italian creativity, technical insight and human values. This is a tradition I continue today in the company’s new facilities, which have been built with respect for the environment and ensure a complete and efficient production cycle, from research to design, from production to testing. This is the value of VITALI’s tradition.
Especially when I am abroad, I increasingly realise that customers appreciate the historical value of our company very much, for it is a guarantee of expertise, accuracy and, once again, reliability. It is very easy to talk about quality, yet units can differ considerably in this respect. Our units are long-lasting and never disappoint our customers.
Are your VITALI facilities open to visitors?
Yes. Indeed, we often welcome Italian and foreign customers. Visitors to our facilities are always very satisfied. Situated in Emilia-Romagna, which is one of the most hospitable regions in Italy, we always endeavour to make visitors feel at home, advising them on combining their professional interest with local tourist opportunities. Many interesting attractions are within easy reach, including the Ferrari Museum, the most ancient vinegar cellars in the world, the tourist resorts along the Apennines and the beautiful cities of art in the Po Valley. Milan is only a 2-hour drive away, so visitors to our VITALI facility will also have the opportunity to see Expo Milano 2015 over the next few months.