The exceptional emergency caused by the coronavirus has brought back to the fore the issue of safety in dental practices and, more generally, in all healthcare environments. We will discuss this issue in several articles. This first article will discuss how VITALI has always put prevention at the heart of design. The next article, which will be published in a few days, will illustrate the advice we give dentists using VITALI chairs and units with regard to reopening after the lockdown. Other articles will follow, further discussing the issue of sanitization, hygienization and disinfection.

A research project launched many years ago

Not many years have passed since the time when the world found out that infections, including HIV and hepatitis B and C, can occur even in a “safe” environment like a dental practice. Quite obviously, everyone’s first reaction was to strengthen prophylaxis, also because operators realized that the risk of infections was a problem they were exposed to every day. Clinical knowledge in relation to the transmission of viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens further increased over time. This knowledge has proven to be incredibly valuable to VITALI.

At the forefront in terms of hygiene and disinfection

Our idea of prevention is very rigorous and is at the heart of our business. Every part of a VITALI dental unit, whether internal or external, is designed in such a way as to prevent the accumulation of dirt and to facilitate cleaning and disinfection, whether carried out on a daily or regular basis. Indeed, we are committed to providing dentists with the best tools to protect both the operator and the patient. We have invested time and resources in research and testing, coming up with two extremely safe devices to prevent infections that may be transmitted when using a dental unit. These solutions have already been adopted by many of our customers and still play an especially important role in ensuring effective protection. We are talking about Multiclean and VDS.

A broad-spectrum medical device

Multiclean is a disinfectant containing benzalkonium chloride and chlorhexidine digluconate. It is a ready-to-use solution, has a pleasant scent and is the best solution to disinfect all external surfaces (operator’s table, tray-holder, spittoon, chair) between one patient and the next one. Multiclean is a low-toxicity, broad-spectrum (it acts against viruses, bacteria, fungi) and fast-acting medical device. It also ensures the integrity of all the areas to which it is applied.

The Made in VITALI disinfection device

The other solution is VDS (Vitali Disinfection System), which is the Made in VITALI flagship device for prevention. VDS is a disinfection system that can be incorporated into all VITALI dental units at the time of assembly and with which the contamination of the water circuit and operating field is prevented.

In essence, this is what VDS does:

  1. it treats mains water with UV rays before it is used in the dental unit, in order to ensure a drastic reduction of the possible bacterial charge;
  2. it disinfects the water circuit of the operating instruments with Multiclean, thus reducing the risk of cross infection;
  3. it allows for the use of a sterile liquid (or a saline solution), alternatively to mains water, for all operations. The system includes a sterilizing filter for compressed air entering the dental unit.

Constant safety controls

VDS is a certified system whose parameters are constantly monitored to ensure proper operation and maximum safety for both the operator and the patient. Considering the fundamental importance of prevention these days, it is recommended to carry out a disinfection cycle at the end of each treatment and to use a saline solution in alternative to mains water.