The COVID19 crisis has made it evident to all that the risk of contamination must be taken seriously. In addition, when considering a dental practice, prevention is crucial. It is essential to wear all personal protective equipment, frequently use the autoclave, continuously disinfect each surface, sanitize air as much as possible, keep the microbiological characteristics of water under control… Indeed, water: we need to pay considerable attention to water flowing into the circuits of dental units! In fact, many laboratory tests have shown that factors such as liquid stagnation in water lines, the daily contact of instruments with the patient’s mouth and the quality itself of mains water, where not constantly contrasted with effective disinfection, cause the formation of a biofilm adhering to the inner surface of water lines, which is a dangerous source of contamination.

A sanitisation and disinfection system tested by qualified laboratories

At VITALI we have long been dealing with the sanitisation and disinfection of dental units and thus with the safety conditions of dentists, nurses and patients. Our most effective solution is called VDS, which stands for Vitali Disinfection System. VDS is a certified system, integrated into the dental unit, which was first conceived and designed within VITALI and then tested by qualified laboratories. The system works very well, as regularly confirmed by the dentists who have bought it. It can be assembled onto all VITALI dental units. However, it must be integrated at the time of buying the equipment: VDS cannot be applied to a VITALI unit that has already been delivered and is operational, neither can it be applied to the units of other brands.

Effectiveness resulting from combined action

VDS is a complex device that combines state-of-the-art technology, effective medical devices and tested procedures. Let us take a quick look at its main components. Its first component is the UV ray lamp, which treats the mains water flowing into the dental unit. Its second component is the filter that sterilises air entering the dental unit. Its third component is the external manifold, where all disinfection instruments are placed. Then there is the integrated bottle of Multiclean disinfectant along with the pressurised bottles containing sterile liquid. Lastly, there is a limescale prevention device that prevents the formation of limestone inside the instruments’ water circuit.

Automatic operation and great ease of use

At the end of each dental treatment, the water circuit of all instruments is subject to complete disinfection, using the Multiclean broad-spectrum disinfectant. The dentist or the nurse can choose between two cycles: the FAST ONE, which lasts 5 minutes, or the SLOW one, which lasts 10 minutes. The VDS System, which is completely automatic and equipped with safety devices, fully simplifies the operator’s work, who only needs to place all the instruments used within the manifold, except for the polymerization lamp and intraoral video camera, if any. The system is controlled by a single keyboard with which all the functions of the device can be managed.

The opportunity to use a sterile liquid

In order to be able to operate in conditions of utmost safety, VDS offers the dentist the opportunity to supply sterile liquid to the dental instruments. Especially for the most invasive and prolonged treatments, and certainly when surgical operations are involved, the system allows the dentist to use the sterile liquid (or the saline solution) which VDS is equipped with rather than mains water. The alternative supply, obviously preceded by the complete disinfection of the circuits, signifies an almost total protection against the risk of contamination, benefiting the patient above all.

What VDS does in short

It treats the mains water flowing into the dental unit with UV rays, drastically reducing the bacterial load. It disinfects the instruments’ water circuit with the Multiclean broad-spectrum disinfectant. It sanitises air entering the unit with the sterilising filter. It offers an alternative to mains water, allowing for the use of a sterile liquid for all operations Four actions for a single result: a hygienically safer dental unit!

You want to find out more about it? Watch Marco Vitali tell us about VDS.