Many orange-clad friends, volunteers, authorities and sponsoring entities, including VITALI,  support  every year this non-profit mission in Eastern European countries.

Overland for Smile never stops moving!


Since 2005, the Overland for Smile mobile dental surgery, dedicated to the children living in Eastern Europe orphanages, has been travelling thousands of miles, with all its equipment being intensely used.

The units by VITALI, the partner of Overland for Smile from the very first day, are subject every time to a “field test” that confirms their reliability and robustness.

Every year, from June to September, more than one hundred volunteers work on the Overland for Smile unit for 3 months of non-profit intense and continuous services.
VITALI management wishes to give special thanks to all the doctors, specialists and volunteers who worked hard for the objectives of Overland for Smile.

To learn more, please visit Overland for Smile website.