We have always received very positive feedback from technicians: indeed, whenever a maintenance technician contacts VITALI, he knows he can count on quick answers, our willingness to listen and great cooperation. We nonetheless wanted to have confirmation of this, so we decided to ask technicians some very targeted questions. We did so because we know that technicians are aware of the state of the art of dental units better than anyone else: they are the ones who install them, put them into operation, explain how they work to users and carry out periodic maintenance. At VITALI we always pay considerable attention to the opinions and needs of technicians, for their experience in the field has often been of great help in finding better solutions.

Support from VITALI is a certainty for technicians

We thus decided to carry out a small survey to understand what service technicians really think of our dental units. Based on their answers, we were able to draw up a list of the qualities that technicians associate with us. At the top of the list is the service offered by our company, i.e. the possibility of receiving support from us and the ready availability of spare parts. This confirms what we said in the previous paragraph: VITALI has always been very close to its distributors, customers and service technicians. The documentation and manuals supplied with our dental units always receive positive feedback. The most appreciated features of our products are their speed and ease of installation.

Extremely low rate of servicing, as certified by maintenance technicians

After confirming that installation is easy, fast and intuitive, all respondents agreed that the average rate of servicing is very low. Almost all respondents are willing to recommend VITALI dental units to dentists. The range of answers widens, instead, when reporting what can be considered the distinctive features of VITALI dental units (from technicians’ point of view): simplicity of installation, stability of their structure, craftsmanship, Italian character, rarity of breakdowns, rapid supply of spare parts at reasonable cost, aesthetics, reliability, ease of use.

Service and maintenance are in our DNA

You may have wondered where our interest in technicians’ opinions comes from… The answer is to be found in our history. When Lino Vitali started his business back in 1953, he was a young and capable technician providing assistance to the Dental Clinic at the University of Bologna. His workshop for the maintenance of dental equipment is the origin of all our work. Technical culture, craftsmanship and a passion for know-how are in our DNA. And maintenance technicians always notice this.