No dental equipment should leave a dentist high and dry. This means that if a manufacturer really wants to make a difference, he must deliver a machine that works perfectly right from the start, excluding any kind of inconvenience during installation.

Discover where the difference of VITALI dental units comes from

The factory of VITALI chairs and dental units stands along the highway that goes from Bologna to Padova and Venice. After the toll-gate of Altedo, you drive for a few kilometres through the lush countryside around Bologna, surrounded by corn fields, orchards and canals. You then enter a short tree-lined boulevard and after a couple of turns you come across the large VITALI sign. Its facilities are modern, elegant, essential. As soon as you enter, you meet the company’s owner, Marco Vitali. His smart gaze also expresses kindness, respect and determination. For him, white is white and black is black. He says this with passion and irony, like a real Emiliano (this meaning a man from the region of Emilia), and makes you soon understand that everything in the company mirrors his vision of work and quality. Once you enter the showroom, Marco shows you that nothing in his dental units is left to chance or approximation. Behind every detail there is a thought, research, a choice.

The test area for dental units ready for delivery

A beautiful glass wall separates the showroom from the production area. It is like being in a restaurant with an open kitchen, where Marco Vitali is the chef who is proud of everything being in order, clean as well as of the efficiency of his staff. There is an unusual, uniquely warm and natural light for an industrial building. It comes from the glass atrium, filled with carefully trimmed trees and shrubs, located at the centre of the facility. A vital heart at the centre of a company name VITALI, precisely! After walking down the first three steps that lead to the production area, the first thing you come across is the test area for equipment ready for delivery. This is the “reign” of Gianni, a kind man of few words. Unlike everyone else working at VITALI, Gianni does not assemble dental units. Rather, he disassembles them.

Gianni checks each dental unit: one function at a time, one movement at a time, one piece at a time. It is not merely a sample check, rather a test that is performed on all dental units ready for delivery.

A dental unit is not just like any other piece of equipment

Before disassembly, Gianni checks each unit: one function at a time, one movement at a time, one piece at a time. It is not merely a sample check, rather a test that is performed on all dental units ready for delivery. A thorough check for each unit. And this can take up to a day for each unit. Eight hours of checks performed without hurrying and without making any exceptions. Indeed, this procedure has always been followed, by Lino Vitali, first, and then by Marco Vitali. The reason for this is as simple as it is extreme: a dental unit is not just like any other piece of equipment. It is a medical-surgical device with which the dentist carries out a daily activity for which there is no room for hitches, problems, down-time. In fact, it is the main equipment of a dental practice.

The time to check that everything is in good order

It is also from this “slow” operation that the mythical reliability of VITALI dental units comes from: from the attention and scrupulousness with which Gianni’s team performs a full quality check of the entire dental unit before it leaves the factory. This upstream check is undoubtedly very beneficial to the technicians who will then install the dental unit at the dental practice: it means that installation will be carried out smoothly and with no surprises! Other brands carry out similar operations, though they reserve their tests only to groups of components. The operation performed at VITALI is practically unique.

You are never just a number for VITALI

Quite obviously, there are no brands of dental units and chairs that have never had any problems over time. Even a VITALI unit might have a piece that, at a certain point, does not work as it should. Yet the company, being oriented to customer service and to direct and personal relationships, is always willing to help, quickly providing the solution to any problem. When you enter into a relationship with VITALI, you are never just a number: you are always a person who may have special needs or even problems at time. But one thing is certain: whatever you are looking for, at VITALI you will always find a precise, serious and expert answer.