Every time we deliver a new dental unit, our thoughts always turn to its future. To how efficient it will be in the daily operations of the dental practice. To how it will meet the needs of different dental teams. To the day when, after several years of operation, the dentist who bought it will realize that the reliability of VITALI dental units was not just a promise, but actual reality.

Always close to our customers

Why do we say this? Because we have always taken care of being close to our customers: before, during and after each sale. Anyone who buys a VITALI dental unit can see for themselves that our customer care service is extremely helpful and responsive. In other words, it is provided by people who genuinely care about each customer request. It has to be said that VITALI dental units do not frequently give rise to problems; rather, issues are quite sporadic. But still, when something happens, we’re always available and we always find the solution.

The current topic of dental unit sanitisation

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, we have recently received several requests for information on how best to manage the hygiene and disinfection of VITALI dental units, both for this emergency and for routine management. We responded to everyone, trying to be clear and exhaustive. However, since the topic is rather complex and articulated, we thought it best to create a vademecum to be shared online.

A complete guide for VITALI dental units

To facilitate consultation, we started from a menu of symbols that indicate very intuitively “when” to carry out every cleaning and maintenance operation. Then we divided equipment management into 8 sections: suction, spittoon, instruments, external surfaces, operating lamps, monitor, water circuit of the instruments, glass-spittoon water circuit. We then accompanied everything with clear illustrations. Crises, as you can see, can always give rise to new ideas. And the idea of a vademecum for VITALI dental units can prove to be extremely helpful. We hope you will appreciate it. To download the file, click here.